Wednesday, November 16, 2016

There must be a subject here somewhere...

What can I say?  What will Trump and Co. mean for the USA and the world?  Who will suffer?  Who will be satisfied?   Questions, questions, questions...

At times I feel that he is just a big pussycat whose growl is greater than his bite.  Then at other times I don't think that and fear, at the very least, what his team and advisors might do.  Especially iffy is the way the Trump/Pence will deal with minorities especially Muslims and gay men and women.

I know we have heard it all since the election but I just hope that most Americans will accept him and give him a chance to govern.  If things do not go well there are lawful ways to make changes so rioting in the streets will accomplish absoluately nothing.

There are days I feel depressed and hold out little hope for this country.  I especially worry about the Supreme Court where Trump will set this country back a number of years with conservative appointments.  Then how is he going to deal with heads of other governments?  Will he observe standard protocols or will he make a fool of himself in their presence.

In closing I will put my full support behind the elimination of the Electoral College.  Trump was right that the election was rigged but not in the way he expected.  In recent years Al Gore and now Hillary Clinton had more popular votes than Electoral and should have been elected but that rigged way of doing things did them in.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Fall Back

Why oh why do we need Daylight Standard Time and Daylight Savings Time anymore.  It is such a botthersome thing or so it seems to me.  Let's have one or the other all year - period.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Mental Health

Just wondering if I will survive the next eight days mentally and emotionally.  Then, on the day after the election, will it be a great sigh of relief or complete and utter dispare?

Friday, October 28, 2016

Election and other crap

Eee gods and litle fishes , as one of my relatives used to say, but has it been almost a year since posting here?  What is the matter with me?  Actually, one thing that bothers me greatly and I have not wanted to harp on this issue all year and that is the presidential election coming up in 11 days.

Just now however I have learned that the FBI Director has reopened the investigation into one or more of Hillary Clinton's e-mails which he said may be pertinent to their investigation.  Coming so close to the election makes me highly suspicious of what is going on.

The Trump has been calling her "Crooked Hillary" all year but I think Trump is the crooked one and I greatly fear what could happen to this country and to the world should he win the election.  In fact, I think Trump and Philippine President Duterte should both find some small island to rule as Dictators and be gone from the scene and Trump could even build another hotel there.

I will watch the election results on TV as I usually do but with lots of G&Ts standing by to celebrate her win or drown my sorrows should he win.  Ahrrrrgggg.......

Two of  the biggest things that worry me about Trump is his idea to build a wall on the border with Mexico and have them pay for it.  Well, the president of Mexico has already said they would not pay for such a wall.  Then there is Trump's idea that he can get rid of ISIS.  How?  That I would like to see however I fear he might even makes things worse.

Well, 11 days to go.  Wish I could sleep through 10 of those days so we could get this thing over, one way or the other.  This campaign is driving me crazy.


Saturday, December 05, 2015

Guns, guns, and more guns

Some people are once again urging that everyone who is legally allowed to have guns, carry them.  This would presumably, prevent mass shootings.  Well, this presumes two things.  One, that gun owners are clairvoyant and thus would know when the next outbreak of violence would occur, and two, that the legal gun owner, would be such a good shot that he could hit the perps and not cause more casualties.

Such a simple solution to a complex problem is not a good idea in my mind.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

The holidays approach but terrorism is already here

I find it interesting that the authorities are hesitant to label what happened in San Bernardino as terror.  It is true that we do not know if the perps were home grown or recently radicalized. but mass shootings are terror, no ifs, ands, or buts.   Actually, any murder can be labeled as terror for the victim.

What bothers me now is the renewed cry for more gun control.  Yes there may be holes in our current laws but lets fact it folks, the barn doors have been open for quite a while and all the horses stolen.  So given access to guns if one really wants one, they can be obtained.  I don't think any amount of new laws is going to prevent that.

One thing authorities need to do is provide more mental health screening and treatment, where possible.  However, since there is no guarantee of anything working, I am now a confirmed pessimist and feel that this planet is now on a slippery slope to its total doom.

ISIS continues to grow and no one seems to know what to do about that threat and now France and the U.K. are involved as their respective Air Forces are now bombing ISIS sites which will only make them angrier but do nothing to reign them in.

If anyone has any ideas what to do I and the rest of the world would like to hear them.

I need a drink.  Ha!

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Well, where have I been?  And when will our unusually hot weather end?  Not sure where I am going with this but I sure have a lot to gripe about with so many flaky Republicans running for President.
Say what you want about Trump he at least he has made the race interesting.   Also, what is interesting is that Dr. Carson,  Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders are are doing to well in the polls and Biden is not even an official candidate yet.

Tonight is the night for Stephen Colbert's debut on the Late Show.  I am not really familiar with him or his style so I will check out his first show via my DVR.  I really really miss Jay Leno and really really really miss Johnny Carson.  As for David Letterman, the only thing I liked on his show was his Top Ten list and I absolutely hated Paul Shafer.

More later after it cools off.